Maths by Example

Anyone can learn maths by following worked-out examples


‘Maths by Example’

Maths is easy to learn if someone can show detailed step by step worked-out examples which are easy to follow.

Understanding the basic concepts is key, once that is clear, students will have the confidence to tackle any exam question.

In this blog, I have solved past exam questions step by step to help students overcome their fear of maths. All they need is the confidence to attempt, believe me, maths is really not that hard.

My inspiration is my daughter who is studying maths in A-Level. She used to be weak in maths before but she overcame her fears and built her confidence to secure an A* in GCSE Maths in 2016.

If my daughter can do it, every student can do well and be confident in maths. I really believe that.

I will gradually build up the examples and hope these help your learning.

Kind regards,